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Elite Women's Team

The Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club is happy to announce a newly re-formed elite women's road team.
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During the 2019 season LGBRC supported two composite women's elite rosters at both Redlands Bicycling Classic and Tour of America's Dairyland (ToAD). These composite teams had a tremendous impact on a handful of elite women racers and demonstrated the potential for NorCal women racers to compete on a National stage. This year, we are funding a group of seven women to register as a USA Cycling Domestic Elite team and compete at the national level. LGBRC has a long, successful history of developing elite racers and we're excited for this year's roster.

From the elite women:
As composite riders with LGBRC in 2019, under the leadership of Coach Laurel Green, we were supported by the club and given the opportunity to develop as racers on the elite stage. With the encouragement of the LGBRC Board of Directors, we were excited to join LGBRC for 2020 and form this collaboration to enhance elite racing opportunities for the NorCal community. Inviting guest racers from NCNCA and the opportunity to mentor and develop new racers were two exciting and essential components of this collaboration

Elite team Mission:
The NCNCA Women's Elite Team seeks to create opportunities for women racers in Northern California to grow their experience through traveling to professional level races. NCNCA has consistently produced competitive professional women cyclists - including the current national road race champion - yet many of these women lack further race growth and development once reaching the elite field.

As women get to the top levels here in the NCNCA, many leave seeking bigger fields and more support. By creating this composite team, we aim to keep that talent racing in the NCNCA while showing up well-organized and as a competitive force in larger events. Many regions throughout the US are home to top D1 domestic and often international women's teams, and we seek to fill that void here in the NCNCA. We look to continue our tradition of excellence in sport by developing elite, local racers through participation at national-level races.

Elite team Vision:
Through racing against top level riders in our sport and maintaining a commitment to local racing, we will grow as individual racers and enhance the local NCNCA fields to support and mentor other riders. From experience, we understand seeing women from our district racing against the top teams is deeply motivating. Our goal is to not only become stronger riders ourselves, but to inspire other women racing in the NCNCA and other women athletes in general.

Guest rider positions:
To pay it forward, the elite team has proposed offering guest rider positions for eligible NCNCA racers. Applications for guest rider positions will be announced separately. Applications will open early January 2020 and guest riders will be announced ~four weeks before each race with guest rider spots available.

2020 Roster:

Elite Road Schedule:

Allie Bollella

Lisa Cordova

Jaimee Erikson

Arielle Little

Eleanor Wiseman

Sam Quijano

Jennifer Wilson

(Stage Race Guest Rider) Melanie Wong

* Indicates guest rider spots available
Feb 13-14 Valley of the Sun, Tucson AZ*

Guest 1: Melanie Wong

Guest 2: Open

Feb 28 - March 1 Madera Stage Race, Madera CA

March 21 - Cat's Hill Criterium, Los Gatos CA

March 22 - Santa Cruz Classic Criterium, Santa Cruz CA

March 28-29 - Chico RR, Chico CA*

Guest 1: Open

Guest 2: Open

April 22-26 - Redlands Bicycling Classic, Redlands CA*

Guest 1: Melanie Wong

Guest 2: Open

May 27-31 - Cascades Bicycling Classic, Bend OR*

Guest 1: Open

Guest 2: Open

June 19-21 - US Pro Nationals, Knoxville TN

July 2-10 - BC Bikeweek, Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN*

Guest 1: Open

Guest 2: Open

July 25 - San Rafael Criterium, San Rafael, CA