Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club


LGBRC Club and Member Responsibilies

The LGBRC mission is to provide a supportive bicycle racing organization for all members to achieve their personal and team cycling goals. The club will strive to promote a quality program that includes support, training, coaching and social activities. To achieve our goals, the club and its members will conduct themselves within the following framework:

1. All members living in California must volunteer to help with club activities. A lack of compliance with this requirement will result in no club support such as race rewards, participation in club deals, etc., possible prohibition of membership renewal and possible dismissal from the club. An additional $150 social, i.e., inactive, membership fee can be paid if you are not willing to support your club.

2. All members will strive to be supportive and positive with mutual respect for one another, conduct themselves in a professional manner and with good sportsmanship, place the interests of their teammates over individual interests, pay any debts to their teammates and will ride their bikes in a responsible and safe manner.

3. The club and membership will conduct itself within the laws of the land.

4. The club will strive to avail itself of high quality coaching for novice, intermediate and advanced cyclists through a structured training and skills clinics, learning from other club members and coaches and caring about individual goals as well as group goals.

5. The club will promote our sponsors by participating in local, state, national and world competitions while wearing the most recent team clothing during the race, on the podium and by being knowledgeable of our sponsors products and attributes. More specifically:

a. Members shall provide positive comments regarding sponsors. If you have anything negative to say, say it in a constructive fashion; turn it into positive feedback. Most sponsors do want constructive feedback for products improvements.

b. If you participate in any club sponsorship program, you are obligated to not remove the decals or deface the product that impacts the company name in any way. In fact, some of our sponsorship contracts specifically note this obligation.

c. Never directly contact a team sponsor. Contact the club member sponsor representative as identified on our website. This has been a serious complaint from several sponsors for several years.

6. The generic club e-mail address is for only race reports, club rides, carpooling organization, general cycling information and general Q&A. It is not to promote a product or company that may compete with LGBRC sponsors. All important sponsorship deals must be sent to the club President first and s/he will forward the message to only the active members of the club, i.e., non-active members do not qualify for club deals.

7. You compete wearing an up to date COMPLETE TEAM KIT (jersey and shorts) to be eligible for full racing support.

8. All candidate junior racers must have a USA Cycling racing license prior to joining the LGBRC to obtain LGBRC support.

9. All elite (Cat. 1 & Cat 2) riders must be actively racing to obtain clothing support (reduced clothing prices). All members are encouraged to purchase and wear team clothing to support our sponsors.