2020 Board Elected Positions


Time Estimate

Current Status


1. President
The Face of the Club 

~ 3 hours per week

As of 2019: Barry Gordon currently covers both this and the “Chief of Staff support” position.

The President of LGBRC is responsible for supervising the LGBRC general membership meetings and Board of Director's meetings. The President provides focus, assists and motivates other BOD members if needed. He/She is also the general spokesperson and goodwill ambassador for the LGBRC with both the cycling and general community.

2. Vice President

~ 1 hour per week

As of 2019: Chris Twiggs covers this position  

Along with President, he/she is a major leader and spokesperson for the club. Vice President must also take the place of the President at meetings when the President is unable to attend

3. Secretary  

~ 1 hour per month

As of 2019: Jeff Baxter covers this position  

The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at all BOD and club meetings, and publishing those minutes. The secretary is also responsible for the club's correspondence activities, and provides input to the Social Media director as needed

4. Social Media Director  

~ 2 hour per week

As of 2019: Chris Twiggs and Lynn Sestak loosely cover both this position  

Responsible for club Facebook, social media, and liaison to web master

5. Club Racing Coordinator 

~ 5 hours per month

This is a new position for 2020    

The Race Coordinator will facilitate LGBRC members to race! The duties should include helping members obtain their USA Cycling race licenses, encouraging participation in the NCNCA Early Bird race training series, the formation of various category teams, identify training and coaching opportunities and help members select a training and race schedule for the year. The racing coordinator will also coordinate with the social media director for communicating race schedules, etc.

6. NCNCA and USA Cycling Contact and Representative

<1 hour per month

As of 2019: Chris Twiggs and Barry Gordon covers these positions

Attend NCNCA meetings, representing the club and communication between club and NCNCA. Communicate with USA Cycling as needed.

7. Elite Women's Team Representative

1 hour per week

This is a new position for 2020

Attend BOD meeting to update social engagement with the cycling community, training, race schedule and racing results.

BOD Non-Elected Positions

Chief of Staff

~ 5 hours per week

As of 2019: Barry Gordon has covered this position and the President position for the past 30 years. For 2020, he would prefer to focus on this position, and have someone else step into the President role


~ 2 hours per week

As of 2019: Diane LoPresto has been performing our club’s finances, tax returns and 501C3 maintanence for many years as a volunteer

Kit Coordinator

Varies and limited during design process

As of 2019: Jeff Baxter has been the club’s primary designer and vendor coordinator for our kits

BOD Associate Director

1 hour per week

BOD Associate Director As of 2019: Michael Rowe has been the club's primary Cat's Hill engineer and maintains our specialized equipment. Provides BOD with guidance as former club VP and Cat's Hill Race Chairperson