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Luis F. Gomez

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Luis F. Gomez

Luis became involved in cycling after purchasing a Sirrus bike to commute to and from undergrad university.  Waking up super late for 8 am chemistry classes made him fast as hell and he eventually upgraded to an Allez bike with drop handlebars. The drops made him even faster and he immediately became hooked on road bikes. 

During grad school he also competed in some collegiate races representing the USC Cycling Club. He is meow proud to wear the Los Gatos jersey!    
achievement: His greatest achievement is biking 144 mi (at 16+ mph) the day before his last knee surgery in late 2018.             

Luis is a published scientist in the field of physical chemistry and now uses his materials/optics know-how to run proof of concept experiments for a large fiber laser company out of one its local laser applications laboratories.     

Luis enjoys competing in road races and crits. However, after all the knee surgeries and time recently spent with limited mobility, he is extremely grateful to just be able to ride with his LGBRC friends and to compete alongside some fast racers.