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LGBRC members, when you join our club, we highly encourage you to introduce yourself by submitting a bio to be included in 'Who's Who: Members Bios'. Though our club is geographically scattered, members may 'meet' each other through the bio section.

The questions below (please click or scroll down) are meant to guide you in deciding what to write; you may tell us about yourself using your own format if you wish, or if you simply wish to introduce yourself with a photo, you may do that as well. We've added a "Favorite Links" option where you may list photo sites, business links, etc. We will edit the text so it will appear written in the third person - in the form of an interview. (Please send at least five complete sentences. The material you send will be only minimally edited.)

We encourage you to keep your bio up to date. If you have previously submitted text and wish to change or add to the material, you may send updates using this form.

Photos: please send full size. If you have a portrait (in or out of kit) send it, as well as one of you on your bike. Send photos to webmaster, lgbrc.org

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Additional Comments: Please add anything else you'd like to tell us related to cycling: the LGBRC, your goals, training, philosophy, etc., or whatever else you'd like.
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